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A New Heart
The generosity of God is without end.  He gives us all that we need.


Psalm 16 -Lord Show Me the Path of Life
“Peace I Leave With You”


Jesus always took time in His life to pause, and quiet his busy life so He could be in touch with His Father. 

Anticipating the coming of the Spirit!

Anticipating the coming of the Spirit!

Beckoned and Raised
It is Jesus who calls us to the Father and who will raise us on the last day…all because of His love for us.

We continue our Easter Celebration all week long!

Meditation 22 by RIOPY

It is truly one of the easiest and most powerful kindness we can give to another. And it’s at the heart of a disciple’s life in Jesus.

Perfect Peace by Quietly
Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days

Praetorius: Es ist ein Ros Entsprungen by Voces8

We fly to your protection,
O Holy Mother of God;
Beneath your compassion,
hear our petitions, and rescue us
from all temptation.
O glorious and Blessed Virgin Mary.

0048 by Olafur Arnalds
Your Word by David Nevue

What both humans and plants have in common? Without which we whither and die?

My Soul is at Rest – Taize
Doria – Michael Forster and Rahel Senn

We are fortunate today to have all the technology to assist us in having our voices heard.  But the question needs to be asked, who is really listening to what we have to say? 

Micah 7:7
(Psalm 49)

“Introitus – Ad te Levavi”
“Jesus Lover of My Heart”

On one knee by Will Ackerman

Following Jesus as His disciples is an all or nothing affair. Every time we sign ourselves with the cross we remember that. But in our noisy world it is sometimes easy to overlook.

1 PETER 1: 13

To Thee We Sing by Sacred Treasures
Coventry Noel  by Narada Christmas

No Complacency
Today we hear the words, directly and unapologetically, “Prepare the way of the Lord.”  These words are intended to awaken us from our complacency

Isaiah 40: 3
(Ps. 61)

“O Christmas Tree”

Our Scripture and Reflection today remind us that in our need–is when disciples come together. It is the very definition of “church”.

Philippians 4: 19

Da Pacem Domine by CHANT

Hand in Hand by The Pianissimo Brothers

Blessed are they who Mourn. Javier reflects on the value of expressing our sorrow and loss. Society tells us otherwise- to hold in your emotions, accept them, overcome them. But, without expressing that mourn…why?

Matthew 5: 4

– Light My Way by
– Along the Way by

How resilient are you?  Everyone of us experience moments in our life where we are challenged, broken, hurt or just feel the darkness overwhelming us.  How resilient are we to come through these moments?  When we walk with Christ no amount of suffering has the power to exclude our joy.

2 Corinthians 4: 8 – 11
(Psalm 10)

“Jesus I trust in you.”

Pange Lingua
Be Still and Know – Margaret Rizza

A common theme throughout Scipture–throughout the spiritual life– is that of NEW LIFE! The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross has given us the promise of abundance and “aliveness” in all that we do. As we hear in today’s psalm (and the reference to Ezekiel) another image is that of Dry Bones being breathed on (the Holy Spirit) and then coming to life! Javier explains….

Psalm 15: 30

– What a Friend we Have in Jesus
– Raein by Olafur Arnalds

Do you notice how we have made everything in life so complex?  Simplicity of words and clarity of meaning can make a difference in understanding the truth and simplify our lives to better understand the love of God.

“Simplicity must be held in great esteem by those who profess to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.”           – St. Vincent de Paul 

John 14: 23
(Psalm 36)

Today let me simplify my life by focusing on Jesus.

“Tis A Gift To Be Simple”.  – Richard Irwin

Do the current trends in life grab your attention?  Are you captured by the latest and greatest things the world of Fashion, entertainment or technology have to offer?  In the passage we hear today, the Apostle John encourages and invites us to stay focused on the things that are eternal as opposed to the passing things of this world.

 1John 2: 7 (Psalm 22)

Focus on the things that will last

“Precious Lord, Take My Hand”
“All Creatures of Our God and King”

MATTHEW 24: 42

What sits on the front burner of your life? What commands your attention and influences your thoughts and actions? The message of Jesus is the invitation for us to place our heavenly Father in that space. To keep watch for His presence and love that is with us throughout our day. Javier explains it well in today’s reflection….

Are you aware that God is with you? Right now as your read this?!

– How Can I Keep From Singing?


We all like to think the way we think and choose is the right way. And maybe it is. But our scripture today tells us God weighs, not our thinking or ways…but that which lies in our heart. It is the sanctuary of conscience. Such a truth can be both comforting at times… but also quite challenging!


  • “Rorate Sanctus” by TYhe Cistercian Monks of Stift Heilgenkreuz
  • Benedictus by Jenkins

We hear the phrase, “Brothers and Sisters” used a lot in worship and prayer. It is meant to convey a sweeping inclusion of all people. But does it? Javier helps us broaden our perspective to appreciate the full impact of today’s scripture.

Music: Love Devine All Loves Excelling

“Veni Jesus Amor Mi”
Let Us Break Bread Together”

Psalm 145 – “The Hand of the Lord Feeds Us.”
Feeding the Hungry