Experienced in religious, educational and community affairs. Skilled in Catholic theology and ministry, ecumenical and Interreligious leadership, intercultural competence, public speaking, teaching, research and writing.

My formation as a theologian has been in the context of the Catholic faith, and its philosophical and theological traditions. As a professionally trained theologian, my academic experience includes completing a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy, and S.T.B (Ecclesiastical Degree) and Ph.D. in Theology.

My formation as an educator has been in the context of community-based programs, online delivery systems, and traditional academic settings. As a professional educator with online certification, I have taught at different universities, theological institutes, and seminaries.

My formation as a thought leader has been in the context of intercultural and interreligious engagement. As a thought leader, my professional consultations include a variety of local, regional and national partnerships and affiliations that involve distinct civic, business, religious, academic and cultural institutions and interests.